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What is normal?  Social norms are behaviors and attitudes common among a given societal group, otherwise known as “the status quo”. presents an opportunity to think about our attitudes and choices. It’s a forum where we can consider if certain behaviors we’ve come to accept or even expect serve us individually and collectively.

Here, we ask the question, what is normal, why have we come to accept it and, most importantly, does it serve us?

Social norms develop in a variety of ways but they affect us all whether we embrace them or not.  It’s the vision of to stimulate dialogue about the things we’ve come to accept as “just the way it is.”

Normal (adjective) – Conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected.


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About Us
Jennifer Miller
Hello, I’m Jennifer Miller, the creator of  I feel as though this site is for and about all of us.  No person is an island and whether we realize it or not, your choices affect me, mine affect you and we all affect the group.

I created because I began to notice behaviors in our culture that seemed contrary to individual and group happiness.  As a student of psychology who chose to study and eventually earn a degree in that field, it was always my desire to help others.  Far too sensitive to go into clinical work, I ended up in the legal field.  After a difficult divorce in 2010 and my own quest for a fulfilling relationship I began to notice how often we sabotaged our own happiness through our attitudes and choices.  Curious, I began to ask questions in social media and my eyes were truly opened to the power of social media.  This is why the opportunity for dialogue via social media is integral to this site.

I’d like to welcome you and encourage you to join in to the discussion.  I am eager to know your thoughts and ideas – let’s talk about it!

Rule (noun)

  1. One of a set of explicitly or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere.
  2. An accepted principle or instruction that states the way things are or should be done and tells you what you are allowed or not allowed to do.

Status quo (noun) – The existing state of affairs especially regarding social or political issues.